What Are Bridal Portraits?

As a bride, you know how much effort goes into choosing the right hair, makeup, and attire. It can be astonishing to witness yourself transform into your wedding look. If you were thinking of only taking photos on your wedding day, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to wear your gown more than once with bridal portraits! The purpose is to focus on the bride only when the full bridal look is put together for the first time.

You Can Try Out Your Look

Bridal portraits allow you to try out your look before the wedding, privately enjoy your gown & feel sexy! You’ll also get some posing practice before the big day, and if there is anything about your look you want to be changed, you can do so without rushing.

What Should I Bring?

First and foremost: bring all of your wedding attire, including your veil, garments, jewelry, touch-up makeup, hair pieces, and engagement ring. This is an excellent time to try multiple accessories if you are still undecided, and don’t forget a bouquet for the final touch.

Come in With the Right Mindset

This is your time to have fun and really make the most out of your stunning garments and appearance. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance! Your wedding photographer will be there to guide you and make you feel your best, so don’t fret too much and let loose!

Bridal portraits are one of our favorite shoots, and the images are usually kept “secret” until the big day. It is custom to pick the one you like most and has it framed at the reception table. Remember to treasure these special moments!