Chris & Rocco connected with us in 2022 over a phone call and there was an instant connection. They have such great ideas for their wedding. Being Italian themselves we can imagine how lavish their wedding would be.

They had mood boards and Vision boards ready for the wedding day. Yes "S", plural. We loved it. The venue was the beautiful Italian vibe of Harbour Waterfront Estate. The inspiration for the wedding was VOGUE, Cocktail style, and Candid.

The Venue was a huge Mansion that made the perfect backdrop for their wedding day. The entire outdoors was decorated with Vintage sofas, Chandeliers, Long stem Roses, and Vintage Mercedes.


Chris is an interior designer and when he met Rocco it was one of those moments for him where he knew this was it. One night Rocco decided to propose to him. Being nervous for that entire day he woke Chris up earliest in the morning and drove up to Trenthills where they had bought 50 acres of land. They both sat there watching the sun come up and Rocco went on his knees and asked Chris to marry him. Isn't the story too sweet? We feel so too.