What started as a night out with friends turned into a fateful encounter…

The bar is the place to be when it comes to Cupid and his work, with everyone finally getting to relax and enjoy a cold one after a long week of toiling. While surrounded by friends, something about the music, the drinks, and the vibes creates the perfect recipe for brand-new relationships. 

In September 2017, Brandon and Sarah met at last. Where? You guessed it - at a bar, through their mutual friends (your friends have your back in romance, too!). After enjoying themselves, Brandon ensured Sarah made it home safe and paid for her AND her friend’s Uber home. Little did Brandon know…that he would pay for Sarah’s Ubers for the rest of his life (wink). 

Simple acts of kindness, care and respect go a long way and in this case, were a lasting first impression in Sarah’s eyes. 

About the Venue: R Garden Boutique