When it comes to engagement photos it is always a great idea to choose a location that holds a special place in your hearts. That is what April & William did for theirs. They requested us if we can do the engagement session in the record store close to their house and Absolutely we were excited about that idea.

This cute record store is located just around the village in Don Mills. As many vintage vibes, as the store was giving us April and William did compliment their outfits. Aorul wore a simple pencil skirt and casual top but paired it with a nice, vintage leather jacket. You can never go wrong with leather jackets.

The secret to a successful and fun engagement session is that you and your partner are showing off your personalities in front of the camera.


April and William met each other through a couple of common friends group. They are with their respective partners at that time but as you know Universe will unite the two hearts if you are truly made for each other. Years later they came across each other once again, singles this time, and started hanging out more often. Soon they realized they lived around the same block and went to the same record store but never met. Regular hanging out made them fall in love with each other and have 2 beautiful girls.

Isn't it romantic? Just like a Disney fairytale movie.