Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to...

Our Story

We’re in the business of capturing memories and telling stories - but have we told you ours yet? Well, here we go:

Indigo Love Studios was founded in Toronto, Ontario, by two friends - Kay and Cam. Kay (or Khushboo) leads our photography team, while Cam oversees his team of videographers, all of whom are exceptionally talented. Born once upon a time in 2020, we are proud to see where Indigo Love Studios is today, having shot numerous weddings throughout Canada and worldwide since its conception.

Style” is a sophisticated language (did you know Kay is a fashion major?) and something that comes from within. Often, the concept of style can be misunderstood because we see so many images and hear almost TOO many opinions throughout the day. Still, the most touching photos often happen when your spirit is free to shine. This doesn’t always mean running barefoot in a field (however, we’re game for that!), but you’ll find having a professional at your side invaluable when advocating for the vision in your mind and heart. 

A “good” wedding photo, to us, is a timeless one. Trends come and go, but the love you share is forever. Toronto was the ideal location to make headquarters, as you encounter so many different couples here and shoot at some beautiful venues. We are wandering souls at heart, so shooting destination weddings worldwide has also been a blessing - some of our latest stops have been Jamaica and Mexico!

We’d love to talk more about you, your wedding day, and your vision. If we missed anything here, maybe our FAQ will help! 

That’s all for now - time to get back to shooting! Let’s celebrate love.

Our Team

Khushboo Panchal

Owner & Founder


(but you can call me "KAY")

Supporter of all love, always... BIPOC and LGBTQ+

Travel enthusiast, Aesthetic lover, Positive like a proton.

I believe that you have to know love, to be able to witness it in others. Love has so many forms and

shapes. You can find it through friendship, through dating, through marriage and parenthood. You can

even learn from it through heartbreak. I am here to preserve your love story.

Camilo Rivera

Lead Videographer/Head of the Video team

I’m Camilo, but you can call me Cam. I’ve been a full time Videographer specializing in weddings for the

past 6 years. My career in film began during my studies at the University of Medellin, where I discovered

a passion for motion picture. More recently, I have honed my skills as a drone pilot, and take to the skies

wherever I find myself. I strive to capture important moments in a way that is beautiful, cinematic and

feels authentic to you.

Emilia Vieni

Marketing Head

Emilia works with brands throughout North America and serves as the Marketing Coordinator for Indigo Love Studios. After managing clients in the world of car dealerships, finance, and marketing agencies for years, she felt the urge to explore her creative side and entrepreneurial instincts - leading to the creation of her own remote digital marketing studio. Her idea of a good time? Lifting weights, eating, enjoying nature, and sitting back with a good book or video game are the keys to her heart.

Isabella Chavez

Nice to meet you - I'm Bella. Southwestern Ontario wedding photographer with a heart for the nostalgic.

When I'm not documenting love stories, you can find me thrift shopping for the perfect pair of vintage

Levis, reading a romance book while sipping a cup of tea, listening to any and all podcasts, watching old

movies, or planning the next adventure with my husband, Josue.

Nicole Cosentino

Hey there! I am Nicole, a Canadian-Italian photographer here in the GTA and I am among the last of the

'99 babies...a Scorpio, **ahh!!**.

I have been painting and drawing since before I could do basic math (my second favourite subject to

art), and I have had a camera in my hands for about as long as I could see out of my vision impaired

eyes. I am proudly Italian & loud, I have an under-stimulated mind, and I am always hungry... but I have

a passion for people and the desire to create something meaningful in this life, and luckily my camera is

the perfect place for me to mend all that I love.

Kaylee Perkins

I’m a twenty something born and raised in the northern town of Parry Sound currently living in the beautiful fast paced city of Toronto. Growing up all I wanted was to be a storyteller, and in 2019 I graduated college with a bachelor's degree in journalism. Though I may not have become a journalist, I did become a storyteller through my photography. I take a documentary approach to capturing love stories in order to get the most authentic, raw and truly poetic moments.