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Should You Do Engagement Photos?


Hey there! I want to tell everyone a secret: I will tell you why you should get engagement photos done with your wedding photographer. So if you are engaged and on the fence about doing engagement photos, let me share a few reasons why you should.


I am a wedding photographer in Toronto, Canada, and I know why I highly recommend doing engagement sessions with each of my clients before their wedding! If there is anything you take away from this, let it be these four reasons:




Does anyone else get stiff and uncomfortable in front of the camera? Being a photographer myself, I will answer YES to this question.


When getting engagement photos done, you can get comfortable with a photographer following you around. It also gives you a chance to get friendly with your photographer and the camera. Let’s face it; a wedding day feels no less than a personal paparazzi.

2. Get to know your photographer better.

As a photographer myself, I may be biased here. But getting engagement photos done can help you ease out the awkwardness on your wedding day. It will help you get to know your photographers' style, their way of working, and most importantly, you will be able to bond with your photographer to make your wedding day go by easily.

Engagement sessions will help you feel that the photographer is not a STRANGER anymore who arrives just on your wedding day. It is one thing to see photos of a bunch of random couples, another thing to see yourself in their images- it will reassure you that you made the right choice of hiring them!

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3. You will receive extra photos apart from your wedding attire

Engagement sessions are an excellent way to get more casual photos of you and your fiancé who aren’t in a tux or a white dress. Although wedding photos are dreamy and timeless but getting some photos done in the “normal” clothes, whatever that means to you, adds a little extra touch. It gives you a variety for choosing the pictures for your gallery wall ;)

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4. You can make it Wild, Fun & Adventurous!

Engagement photos can be as wild and adventurous as you want! Not that your weddings photos can’t, but it will be good not to have a timer ticking on our heads for once. It is more fun to do crazy photos like sitting in an empty parking lot eating pizza or getting crazy at the beach. Photographers are always open to trying new & fun ideas, so let them know you are down to do something new!

Have I convinced you to do an engagement session yet?

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