Our Story:

We’re in the business of capturing memories and telling stories - but have we told you ours yet? Well, here we go:

Indigo Love Studios was founded in Toronto, Ontario, by two friends - Kay and Cam. Kay (or Khushboo) leads our photography team, while Cam oversees his team of videographers, all of whom are exceptionally talented. Born once upon a time in 2020, we are proud to see where Indigo Love Studios is today, having shot numerous weddings throughout Canada and worldwide since its conception. 

“Style” is a sophisticated language (did you know Kay is a fashion major?) and something that comes from within. Often, the concept of style can be misunderstood because we see so many images and hear almost TOO many opinions throughout the day. Still, the most touching photos often happen when your spirit is free to shine. This doesn’t always mean running barefoot in a field (however, we’re game for that!), but you’ll find having a professional at your side invaluable when advocating for the vision in your mind and heart. 

A “good” wedding photo, to us, is a timeless one. Trends come and go, but the love you share is forever. Toronto was the ideal location to make headquarters, as you encounter so many different couples here and shoot at some beautiful venues. We are wandering souls at heart, so shooting destination weddings worldwide has also been a blessing - some of our latest stops have been Jamaica and Mexico!

We’d love to talk more about you, your wedding day, and your vision. If we missed anything here, maybe our FAQ will help! 

That’s all for now - time to get back to shooting! Let’s celebrate love.