In 2022, we had the pleasure of shooting our first destination wedding in Jamaica. The bride and groom, Lexi and Andrew, had contacted us on social media describing their ideas. We connected instantly and found ourselves later flying in with the family to Negril, Jamaica which is approximately two hours from Montego Bay.

The family and our team reached Azul Beach Resort (an absolutely gorgeous place, by the way!) around 7 pm, where we ate dinner and finally got some rest. Since the ceremony was at 5 pm the next day, we decided to meet and have a walk-through of the wedding procedure before we got started. Lexi and Andrew were eager to discuss the walk-through and ways to optimize their photography services on their wedding day to get the best shots. 

We were grateful that they trusted us through the entire process, making it easy to communicate and run everything smoothly. Shooting their beautiful sunset wedding was filled with emotion, love, and laughter. Despite the humidity, we still took loads of sunset portraits! Then the groom turned into a bartender and gave EVERYONE drinks, with fun times and wine and the floor. Thank goodness we stayed the entire night, or we would have missed some fantastic times! Being a part of this wedding was one of our most amazing adventures to date. 

Though this story may not contain any “photography tips”, we wanted to share it. As our first destination wedding, it was a tale to be told.