Wedding Day Planning Guide!

The big day is coming - and the butterflies are beginning to fly, fly, fly! When I was a fresh, newbie wedding photographer in Toronto, even I got nervous, so I can imagine how the bride and groom must feel with all eyes on them on their wedding day, and the preparation that goes into it all beforehand! So after quite a few wedding shoots, I put together this handy “survival guide” for all you couples out there looking to make sure your wedding photos set sail smoothly. Have no fear!

Let’s talk about posing.

Sometimes even the most confident people get a little camera shy, and that’s ok! However, it helps to be aware of your posture and remember to relax when the camera turns on to keep you looking your best. I can honestly say that the most flattering shots have always been of people having fun and genuinely enjoying the moment. Relaxation is key! For example, if you hold a bouquet, keep your arms elongated and relaxed rather than tight towards your body. Your photographer will be there to instruct your posing for beautiful shots and let you know if you need to change it up (that’s our job, after all). You’re in good hands.

Get your items organized!

Super important - make sure to pack away all of the accessories and gifts you want to be photographed separately from everything else. This helps save time, so you’re not looking around for that pair of shoes or jewelry that is now hiding amongst piles of other items. Also, when it comes to your wedding dress, try not to change until your photographer arrives in case you want the dress itself photographed on its own.

Make a timeline for the day.

Make sure to share your timeline of the day’s events with your photographer; this will keep you all well-prepared! It will also help ease stress on your photographer’s end as they can properly plan and be aware of how the day will flow, keeping your photos looking their best with no stress. If possible, add some time between transitions or location changes to account for any lost time and help control the day's pace.

Personal recommendation of mine: have a first look ceremony.

What’s one common theme stated by many couples? That their wedding day went by so fast or seemed like a blur! Solution: have a “first look” ceremony. As the name suggests, it is a photoshoot taking place in private during the first time the couple sees each other fully dressed. It creates the perfect opportunity to see each other looking fabulous without the pressure of an audience or the rush of timelines. It also allows more time on the photographer’s end to take more shots of the couple fresh-faced, looking their best!

Declutter your space.

The organization is critical - even when it comes to cleanliness and keeping your spaces clutter-free on your big day. Clutter can cost your photographer time if they have to clean up the background, and unwanted items may show up in your photos, disrupting the shot. So make sure to take time beforehand to keep your space free of random items!

My last tip for the day: have some damn fun!

Your wedding day is supposed to be a cherished memory, don’t forget to enjoy it and make it so! It can be easy to fall into the rush and expectations of the crowd, but in the end, you are doing this for yourself and your partner. So live it, experience it, and let your photographer seal those memories in time!