4 Reasons Why You Should Do a First Look

First looks are hardly a new trend when it comes to weddings, but they have proven to be a popular option to this day for couples looking to have some extra private time for wedding photos and just as a general “mental reset” before walking down the aisle. For those that might not be familiar, a “first look” ceremony is a private meeting between the couple and occasionally their closest guests that takes place before the wedding ceremony on the same day. Here are the top 4 reasons why we recommend doing a first look:

Get your best photos done without pressure

As beautiful as weddings are, they can be pretty hectic. First look ceremonies are an amazing way to capture your BEST wedding photos without crowds, schedules, and your mind buzzing a mile a minute. This way you know that you’ve captured amazing photos of yourself and your beloved to treasure forever, so you can enjoy whatever moments come next.

Quality time for you and your partner

First looks are the perfect way to privately enjoy each other’s company and beautiful attire in a peaceful setting while getting to take a breather. Wedding planning can take its toll, after all! Some say the day goes by fast, so what better way to take it all in than a private first look ceremony?

Capture a very special moment on camera

That moment when the two of you lock eyes and see each other in your wedding attire for the first time is a special, once-in-a-lifetime moment. First looks get you the best, up-close photos of this special time without all the hustle and bustle that can get in the way and takes the pressure off the two of you from being in front of a huge crowd.

Calms the nerves

Pre-wedding jitters are definitely a thing. First-look is what you could consider the calm before the storm and prepares you both (mentally) before walking down the aisle... 

Firstlook is overall an amazing option for your wedding day and captures amazing photos in a pressure-free setting. We have a beautiful gallery available to browse and get inspired! Your wedding is a special time-so enjoy it to the fullest!