Your wedding day is going to be filled with amazing moments, and based on experience having a second wedding photographer available to lend a hand really goes a long way. It’s often those unscheduled moments that create some of the best shots - and having someone else on the scene ensures you’ll be catching more moments!

You Capture Multiple Perspectives

Like a movie, weddings are best shot with a variety of different angles. When two photographers work in sync, they’ll capture your day perfectly from start to finish, with unique angles alongside the more traditional shots.

e.g. First kiss

2 different points of view of the same kiss.

Perfect for Large Weddings

For large parties of 100 or more, choosing a package that includes a second photographer will be a huge benefit on your wedding day. Since a single person simply can’t be everywhere at once, having another person on the scene to divide and conquer will keep the venue, events, and candid moments covered.

Multiple Locations

We always recommend a second shooter if your wedding features multiple locations. For example, if the bride and groom are getting ready at different locations and venues for the ceremony, reception, and more. Since traveling to various locations affects the wedding day timeline, dividing two photographers will accomplish more than one.

e.g. Getting Ready at different locations

Time Constraints

Finally, a second photographer will make things easier on the timeline and ease a bit of the wedding day rush. You’ll ensure a smooth transition with a second photographer if you have particular time constraints. Since there are so many moments, like the first dance or throwing the bouquet - we want to ensure we capture them all!

Keeps The Focus on You

With two photographers, we divide responsibilities and capture big moments between the bride and groom while simultaneously catching candid moments with guests. Like your engagement photos, we want to capture dynamic shots of you and your beloved on your wedding day and with someone else to lend a hand and offer the best experience possible.

There is no question that when it comes to detailed coverage of your wedding, having two photographers will undoubtedly pay off better than one!