Who Am I?

Do you ever feel insecure, shy or scared writing or starting something new? Or is it just me? I  am a very introverted person and,  I have no idea how I am writing this blog, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere. To be very honest  I am not a great writer and I am not even sure if this is something you guys will like. Yet, giving it a shot.

We all seem to be self-obsessed day by day and I feel this pandemic has given a lot of people that push. Including myself, the first time I thought writing my ideas down, talking and networking with all you guys was in the 2020 pandemic and I was thankful for that idea. 

Just One big idea, One Idea can change everything in a person’s life. For me, it was getting out of my box and starting to write or get my ideas to pen down. 

I am more than excited to tell you my story or tell everyone who I am professionally and personally. Esssshhhhh!!!! Okay, here it goes…. 

I look for an image that captures a story and a soul towards what I look through my camera. My name is khushboo But everyone calls me “Kay”.

Photography came to me right when I needed it the most. It was like I walked right into what I was created for and landed in Canada back in 2018 in search of creativity. I am a Wedding, Family and Lifestyle photographer. It all started back in India (my homeland) where I was working as a fashion designer and imagined what my designs would look when photographed as I did in my head but with a camera instead. So one day I picked up a camera and photographed exactly what was in my head, since then my camera has always been an extension of me.

Photography has been my passion, alright who am I kidding not always but I guess when I was 21 if I am correct. I started to develop my hobby into my passion by photographing my friends more often at different locations, I tried to mimic other great photographers until I developed my own.

This lead to expanding my love for photography and brought me to Canada 2 years ago. I started approaching few photographers for assistance or as a second shooter in weddings and I was lucky enough to found a handful of them to work with which led to capture 30 weddings in just one season. The moment I capture my first image when I am photographing a couple or a wedding I know exactly what I want and how I am going to do it. I have never been so clear in my life as I am when I photograph a love story. I believe in magic and I make sure that my pictures are magical too and they tell you a story, a story that would touch everyone’s heart.

I am an ARTIST that carries a soul of a gypsy also believes in magic by creating a story with images. There is never a compromise in the business of preserving memories. I am always on a path of nurturing my skills and challenge myself at every step to do better and better. And at the end, I want to create a story that is beyond the average frame.

I believe photography and being a photographer is more than just business. It is an art and an art form that I would never want to let go of.

Apart from my camera, I am also attached to a lot of other things. Let’s start with Fashion. I have been a Fashion stylist back home with a degree in fashion design. Love, Love, Love great fashion outfits, I am a lover of shoes…. Own around 50 pieces of shoes, Literally!

Along with being behind the camera I also enjoy being in front of the camera as well. I get myself pictured when I travel or visit a new place. This year I got photographed in the snow, I always wanted to have one of those snow pictures in my phone gallery and now I do have one.  

I am a lover of great music, paintings, DIYs, Harry Potter movies, books and jewelry. These are the paintings I created back in March 2020 when the pandemic happened for the first time. 

I don’t want to just sell my Art but I want to make memories that are going to last a lifetime. I want to make something you want to look twice at. I want to feel a rush, a connection every time I pick up my camera and press that shutter button. It’s been almost 5 years for me in this industry and I have photographed closer to 60 sessions including weddings, family, maternity, holiday minis etc, and yet I still feel nervous, anxious before every session I go to photograph. It’s not just about pictures, but it’s about a feeling that I create and that is always my aim. 

Well, that’s it about me!!

If you like this blog let me know in the comment section below. I will look forward to talking to you all soon!!

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