How to find your Photographer?

How to find your Wedding Photographer:

There are so many things that need to be checked when getting married. Unlike, wedding vendors Photographers go a little offbeat. They aren’t the things that we can smell or touch or hear like (flowers, cake or music). Choosing a Wedding photographer can be very tricky. You as a couple, have to put all your trust and faith in the person who is going to be documenting the most beautiful day of your life. It’s like the blind date, you don’t know what you will get until after the fact. That means tons of research, selecting the style that suits your taste etc.

But apart from great Instagram or Facebook photos, there are other things that I would advise you to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best photographer whose work is not only great on Instagram but also, who checks all the boxes on your list!

1.Set your heart on the Style you want:

A personal style is essential when it comes to choosing your photographer. There are endless photographers all over the world whose work you might admire. But, the question is “Do You Love The Style”? Would you have a smile or a tinny tiny flashback when you see your wedding photos hung up all over your home? Personally, when you look at a photographer’s work or rather when you are in the process of choosing the photographer to document your memories a voice comes from within after looking at his/her work. That voice is “That’s it. That is the style, That is the photographer I want for my wedding. Be it Bohemian Style or a Documentary style, or classic Bright and Airy style or A moody style. The first step towards the “That’s it” moment would be writing “YOUR preferred STYLE” down on a piece of paper in big block letters.

2. Ask for a Full Wedding Gallery:

Every photographer wants his/her best work in front of the world. So do I. Whatever pictures you see on Social media platforms are always the best images. But, when you ask for a full wedding gallery you can witness the process your photographer goes through selecting the best. You see the efforts. You see the multiple shots taken of a particular scene (e.g. a piece of jewelry or a couple’s portrait) that proves that your photographer goes to that extra 10 images to get the perfect shot. Always ask your former photographer for at least 2 different full galleries for you to review (one indoor and one outdoor). This helps you decide if the photographer has got what it needs to be your wedding photographer. 

3. Meet your photographer for a Coffee.

Meet your photographer for a casual cit chat. And, I am not Joking. Build your bond with the person creating memories for you to look at for a lifetime. Grab a coffee, talk about your wedding ideas, share your vision and Pinterest boards with them. See how they bond with you. See their approach towards your wedding day. Are they as excited as you are? Not just that, this will also be the best time to exchange ideas and views of wedding planning.

4. Book them for your Engagement sessions First

Engagement sessions are the best way to get to know your photographer and the best way to get comfortable in from of the camera. Along with your spouse, your photographer would be the next person you will be spending most of the time at your wedding getting ready, first look, family photos, portraits, cake cuttings, first dance and more. And establishing that bond over an engagement session gives you that window to swap stories, share laughs, and get to know each other at a more personal level. That will help go the wedding day and the process much smoother.

5. Prep your day together

Sit down physically or over FaceTime as per the suitability of your schedule. Planning your wedding timeline with your photographer can be very helpful TRUST ME on this. Preparing the wedding day timeline with your photographer can help you figure out minor details you may have forgotten. It also gives you an idea of the entire day from the perspective of a photographer’s eye and helps you in case you need any extra hours. A timeline is a great way to organize your wedding and make it a hustle free day.

6. Go with your Gut

Once all the details have been checked-off, now it’s time to cross out the last one from the list. DECISION! Yes, the time has arrived for you to decide and book your photographer. Make sure to ask yourself a question. Do you and your fiancé really like this person? Do you feel like you three click? Do you get the feeling of “ That’s the photographer I want for my wedding”?

Do you think Booking your photographer and Finding your style just got easier?

See you next week!


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