Details Matter

Important Details shots every Bride & Groom should
definitely get photograph:

DETAILS, DETAILS are one of my favorite parts of a wedding to photograph. Bride
& Groom put so much thought and effort into every little detail from the
invitations to the cake. Once the wedding day has passed the cake has been
frozen in the fridge, the flowers are decorated all over the house in a fancy
pot, and the invitation cars have been framed. All that is left are the wedding
images to visit back in time and cherish those glorious memories. Incorporating
detailed shots into the album or your life helps to narrate a story.
As a
photographer, I here share a list of details shots that should not be missed at
any cost.

Wedding Card

Wedding invitations are a very important aspect related to your wedding. They hold a significant part as a lot
of thoughts are been put up in the invitations as it is the core that goes into
planning the wedding further. When I go to shoot a wedding, the first thing I
ask when I am doing a detail shot is the wedding invite because I think there
is nothing as personal as one’s invitation cards. To all the Bride & Groom
please save one wedding invitation card or wedding invitation package for the
photographer to document it.



The second most important detail
that you probably want to get it shot. It is the scent that you would want to
always remember.


I bet you would never want these
photographs to be missed. I know the ring/jewelry is more beautiful in
person but the image to document them for the rest of your life. Those pretty
Diamonds details you want to admire forever.


I am very partial towards the
beautiful shoe shots be it a bride’s footwear or the Grooms amazing brogues. I
personally love Footwear as they bring out the personality of a person.  Who wouldn’t like to get the part of their
personality captured.


This is strictly for the Man of
the day. Guys! I mean it when I put this under the list here. These are the
details that matter. Your Tie/Bow Tie depicts the theme of your wedding, The The belt is probably  the hardest asset that
took you an hour to figure out which one to choose and the watch is probably
your Dad’s Old watch which is always going to be your favorite even if you own
a Rolex!

Also, this
is very important. All the Bride’s and Groom’s please DO NOT forget to let your
photographer know about any other important details you might want to get it
documented which are closer to your heart. For eg., A piece of jewelry that
has been into the family for generations and you are wearing that on your
wedding, (your great grandmother’s ring, your mom’s wedding necklace).

the details, document the love, document the happiness, document the day. Make
it memorable! Happy Wedding!

                                                                                                     * * *

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