Let's get a little personal!

I am a photographer based in Toronto. I am a professional third wheel capturing love stories.

I graduated from Humber College in 2020 with a degree in Photography. I didn't plan to become a photographer, but the universe had different plans for me. In fact, I wanted to become a Fashion Designer since Highschool. I did study Fashion and worked at a retail company as a designer for 5 years. I possess a background in Fashion and Styling.

In my head, I used to imagine how will it be if I took the photos that are wandering in my head. So, I started shooting Editorial pictures. Pictures that are very VOGUE.

I slowly moved into Weddings and I was amazed at the amount of creativity I was able to show. I bought my fantasy of luxury, style, and Vogue in my Weddings. I like to capture pictures as they are but also a supermodel version of yourselves.

I like my pictures as very modern yet very vintage. I am a 90s baby and I think that mood is my entire idea of wedding photography.

My address may scream Toronto but my heart is a wonder. I want to capture beautiful love stories AROUND THE GLOBE. I love weddings. I always aim to capture more than just people. I aim to capture the story that you can see and ready in their eyes through my photos. I love the idea of a beautiful story hidden behind every love story that ties two individuals together.

I want to capture love, and emotion and I want you to relive them a thousand times.

There is so much love, joy, anticipation, and magic to be captured and I love every single second of it.

I am an ARTIST that carries a soul of a gypsy and also believes in magic by creating a story with images. There is never a compromise in the business of preserving memories. And at the end, I want to create a story that is beyond the average frame.

I believe photography and being a photographer is more than just business. It is an art and an art form that I would never want to let go of.